Increase your Website Traffic using Social Media Platforms

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To start writing a blog is not such a difficult task as you just need to decide the perfect niche for you blog but after that, the main problem arises is that bringing the audience to the websites. Well, these can also be solved with the help of email plugins available for you all. If you  are currently getting difficult to climb the search rankings, you may not be using the important tool that helps you to drive more traffic. The more you involve on social media, the more your search results will be better.  

If you don't know  how to grab driving traffic to your site through social media, Don't be tensed!

1. Post according to buyer
Each and Every social media platform will also not bring the same results. Sure, Facebook is the biggest network, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see more traffic from Facebook than from Twitter. In fact, your largest driver of traffic might just be Instagram or Pinterest. A Business that cater to other businesses mainly finds that LinkedIn has been the most helpful social media platform. The key to getting ultimate social media results is to post according to need and requirement of a  buyer. You have to find out what is needed by a buyer. That means you need to select which social media platform will play host to your buyer personas. 

2. Social sharing
Each and Every time you share a link to your website on a social media account, you construct links for Google to index. This can help you to boost your ratings in SEO, as social accounts are considered as quality sources. But, you want to be sure that the social platforms  you are using are of good quality and always remain in good standing so as not to put at risk your site’s ranking.

3. Helps in indexing content faster
The more links your site has, the faster Google will index that page. Your social media accounts that are attached to your page will display more links to both your site and others that you might share. Also adding to the capacity to bring more traffic is the rate at which your content is shared. When influencer's share your content, the page which contains that content  will be indexed even more quickly.

4. High engagements
Once you have an attractive list of followers, you must engage. A social media account whose work is to do  nothing but spew specials and marketing content all day will also turn off even the most loyal followers. 

Engagement also involves responding to mentions and comments, but you should also go out of your way to leave comments and mentions of your own. You’ll see a big difference in customer opinion in a very less time.

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5. Helps in ranking articles
While keyword stuffing is generally is disapproved in your website content and blogs, but  that doesn’t mean you should leave them completely. Make sure that the keyword is the most important search terms that show up in your profiles for your social media accounts. This will also help you not only with Google but also with the next.  

Now start using these key points for your website. Soon, you will see  that your website will drive traffic from social media. Just you need to focus on the perfect social media platform for your website. 

Top 10 Job Hunting Portals in India in 2016

The Trend has totally changed now they're no need of searching Jobs in Newspaper Classifieds. No need of telling family members or friends to search a job fro me. The internet has changed the total scenario now you can directly search for a job in various job portals. Here you can find a job according to your skill and requirements. Not only at your place, but you can also find employment anywhere in the world. All the Job Information in your fingertips. It is the best way for searching jobs and applying the jobs online. By installing the application on your Smart Phone, iPad you can get Notification within a fraction of seconds and also receive updates very soon.

Top 10 Job Portals
Here are the Top 10 Job Portals in India in 2015

Naukri Indais No 1 Job Portal

Naukri is in the top and, it is India's No.1 Job portal. It has given best service to all the job seekers and recruitment team. It has a good popularity in the web and, it is the best job portal in India. the user interface is very friendly and easily understandable by anyone. Here you can search for a Specific job which you require according to the categories like location, salary, skills (Mechanical, Automobile, Computers, HR, Marketing etc). Y.ou can also build your resume which will be impressive and also what the market is looking for, This is useful for both the Experienced and the Freshers looking for a job. It also provides an aptitude test to check your skills online. This is the great option. 

Founded - March 1997 | Head Quarters - Noida, India
Business - Job Search Engine | Website -

monster india job portal

Monster India is a second leading job search engine in India. which provides an accurate job to the users based on their skills, location, experience, salary and some more categories ahead. This has a very simple user interface design which is easy to understand and use the job site. This also provides an interviewing skill by this you can improve your skills and also learn how to present an interview. You can build your Resume and apply for the job online, and the Recruiters can post, the Jobs and Job Seekers can apply for the Job very easily.

Founded - 1999 | Head Quarters - New York

linkedin professional social network

LinkedIn is a Social Network for all the Professional People like Students, Employees, Founders, CEO's, HR etc. Any Professional can become a part in this beautiful Social Networking Service and share their professional experience on the Web. We can find the people online by searching their name in the LinkedIn search Engine. It generates the revenue by selling the users information to the recruiters and connects both of them. 

Founded - May 2003 | Head Quarters - Mountain View, California
Business - Professional Social Network  | Website -


times jobs - jobs search engine

Timesjobs was started by the Times Group and it is purely an Indian site. It is an Online Job Portal for connecting the people who Require a Job and Who Provides a Job. This is a Job Search Engine to search various jobs by filling our personal details on the site and get various notifications of various jobs and give accurate jobs to users ans build resume very easy and apply for the job. 

Founded - 2004 | Head Quarters - Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Business - Job Portal | Website -

5. employment portal

Shine is a Career store for many Job Seekers who are Freshers and Experienced. They can give the inputs about them and find the relevant jobs from the recruiters of the companies. It's an intermediate site between Job Seekers and Recruiters. It's a Best platform to a search a job and provide a plenty of opportunities who are need of a job. It's a very fast-growing Job portal in India. 

Founded - 2008 | Head Quarters - Hyderabad, Telangana
Business - Job Website | Website -


glassdoor job portal

Glassdoor is an Online Job Portal to connect the Experienced and Freshers who are searching for a job to the Recruiters of Startups, Middle level and Multi National Companies. This provides information of different companies with full information and the salary information, It has a million of reviews from the Users.

Founded - June 2007 | Head Quarters - California, US
Business - Job Search Engine, Review Site | Website -

placement india job search engine

Placement India is a Job Portal for applying for a job online all over India. It provides information about the Job opportunities to the Job Seekers and connect them to find a required Job. It is launched by Weblink India Pvt Ltd. to help the students to find a right job and choose their career. 

Founded - 1997 | Head Quarters - New Delhi, India
Business - Job Site | Website -

indeed job portal

Indeed is an Online Job Portal for connecting the Recruitment Team with the Users. Which gives an opportunity to find a job online by giving their skills, experience and some more keywords as input and find a specific job. This is leading job portal and shares the information of users to the Recruitment companies and makes easy to find a job through online.

Founded - 2004 | Head Quarters - Austin, Texas
Business - Employment Portal | Website -

The job is Job is an Employment portal which connect the job seekers with the companies and job seekers can update their resume and apply for jobs online and also get the notifications of jobs and updates. this is useful to find a relevant job according to our skill and educational qualification at a particular location. 

Founded - 2007 | Head Quarters - India
Business - Employment Search Engine | Website -

freshers world build your careers, internships courses online tests

Freshers world has started with an initiative to provide jobs fro the freshers and the experienced and increase the employability in the country and also gives the information of internships to the students pursuing and also a lot of tests to improve your skills and many companies test papers and online tests. You can search for a job according to the category. It also provides various courses on the site. Freshers world is a part of Cassius Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founded - 2006 | Head Quarters - India
Business - Job Portal, Courses, Internships, Aptitude Tests | 

If you find any more Job Portals that to be added in the following list than contact me by clicking here.

Top 5 Best Websites to find Internships for students 2016


What is an Internship? 

An Internship is a starting level opportunity to the people who have a lot of potentials, and they are called as Interns. Mostly Interns are Students who are pursuing their Graduation. The course of Internship will be from 1 Week to 1 Year. It is an opportunity to learn the latest trends and also get the Real time experience.

Image Source:

Types of Internships? 

There are 3 Types of Internships: 

1. Paid Internships

In this Internship, you'll learn some real time experience and also get some bucks for working as an Intern. These type of internships are very less, and it has a lot of competition in the market. After completion of the internship, they will provide an experience certificate.

Image Source:

2. Unpaid Internships

Many companies provide unpaid internships to the graduate students. Where the students for the organization and gain skills, knowledge and some experience and later they get an experience certificate from the organization. Here you'll not get any bucks for working.

Image Source:

3. Paying for Internship

There are some organizations which provide Internships for students, and they take money from students, and they train them in the particular field and also gives a real time exposure, skills, and experience. They will also award with Internship Certificate from the organization.

How to get an Internship? 

The internet is the biggest world which is in front of everyone. Here you can find the internships online from various internship websites. The companies will provide the internship opportunities and students can apply for the internship and sometimes will provide a primary test for an internship on the website itself. Finding an Internship in a traditional way is tough and only by reference, we can get it. But online we can find the internships according to our Skillset and also try with various organizations.

Requirements for being as an Intern?

1. Resume.
2. Communication Skills.
3. Basic Knowledge about the Job Role.
4. Enthusiasm to learn and work.
5. Need to know a brief about the organization.

Best Websites to Find Internships

On the web, there are plenty of Internship sites every website has some unique advantages. But the motto of every Internship sites combines the Interns and Companies through there Internship Portal. So after doing a lot of research we had found the Best 5 Internship website which will be helpful for the students looking for intern opportunities. Here is the list of Top 5 Best Internship Websites on the Web.

1. Twenty19

Twenty19 is an Internship website which connects the company recruiters/ employees to students via Internship Portal. This site provides the information of opportunities to the students. The students can register on the site and fill the personal details, educational details, and skills. The website will search the internship according to the students search according to the information (Skills, Details) provided by the student. It also provides the information of scholarships, events, fests, etc.

2. Yograd

Yo! grad is an online student internship portal. Here the students can fill their profile like educational details, about themselves, acquiring skills, interests, etc. It also provides the information of various events conducted by the students like fests, workshops, seminars, etc. Here the students can search according to their skills, location, and other preferences and find an internship


3. LetsIntern

LetsIntern is a student-oriented portal for the students to find internship opportunities on the web. It will connect the students and the intern recruiters from various companies. The students can find a right internship; Company can find a right Intern. The name itself indicates the meaning of the website Lets Intern.

4. Let me Know

Let me Know is an internship mediator website which provides the information of students to the recruiters, Internship providing company opportunities to the students. It is best mediator site to connect the students and companies on a single platform. Let the students know the companies and the companies know about students.


5. HelloIntern

HelloIntern is an online internship website for connecting the students and the employees on the web. Here the students can get a right company and companies can get a right student to work with them, and students can gain a lot of real time experience and also various skills.

See Also:

Final Words

I hope this article will provide you the detailed information of the internship and also the information of Top 5 internship websites among a lot of websites and also the functionalities in the website, Types of Internships. It is the best way to find an internship and searching for an internship online will bring you're a right intern according to your skills. The knowledge you get after doing an internship will get you a job easily. So try to do as many as interns walk on the Red Carpet to choose your career opportunity. 

Adding Meta Description to Blogger

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Hello Readers ... !!! The Basic and a very important thing for starting SEO is Meta Tags. Which is present in the Header of our Website and not visible to the users visiting our site.  These tags has only one purpose that is to include the information of the page like Author name, Date, Keywords, Description, Title and others.

But here we mention only about the Meta Description and this is helpful and visible while sharing the posts in the Social Media Like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and other social networking sites. The clear and exact description will increase the viewers for our site and it helps in increasing the traffic. Here we will get a good number of Views and Clicks.

The Blogger having an option to place the Meta Description for Posts and will explain about it in detail.

Add Meta Description in Blogger Blog

How to add Facebook Comment Box for Blogger Blog

Facebook has brought many plugins like Share Button, Like Button, Like Box, Fan Page etc. Recently, Facebook has also developed a plugin called Facebook Comment Box. This can be used in all the Blogs and Websites. In this Comment Box, the users can directly do comment  by login to facebook. The Bloggers who want to get more interaction with comments can include the following plugin and get benefited. This Plugin can be used in Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla and also various platforms. This Article will help you for Embedding the Facebook Comment Box on your Website/ Blog.

Facebook Comment Box for Blogger Blog

Create a Facebook Application

Facebook has come up with a new design. The procedure for creating an application has been modified recently. This tutorial will help you to explain How to Create a Facebook Application. Follow the step by step procedure mentioned below to Add Facebook comment to your Blogger Blog.

Step 1: Go to Facebook Developers App web page in Facebook.

Step 2: In the above menu select My Applications and click on Add a New Application.

Facebook My Application

Step 3: Now you will get a pop-up window to select a platform.

Step 4: Choose the platform as Website (WWW) among ios, Android, Facebook Canvas and Website.

Facebook Website Application

Step 5: Now enter the title name which you want to name it for your Application.

quick start for website

Step 6: Now you will get a popup  window to Choose Category and Create App ID.

create application id

Step 7: Now Enter the Website URL and Mobile URL in the given form.

website and mobile url

Step 8: Now Go to Settings (Basic) and enter the Display Name, Namespace, App Domains and Contact Email here.

facebook application settings

Step 9: Now go to status and review tab and keep your application in public.

fb app status and review

Step 10: Now you are Done with Facebook Application. Now we will get facebook Comment Box on our Blog and you'll receive notifications directly into our facebook profile.

Procedure to Add Comment Box to Blogger

Now the creation of Facebook Application is done. Now you need to embed the Facebook Comment Box in your Blogger Blog. Follow the below steps to setup the comment box.

Step 1: Now to go to your Blogger Dashboard and in the left panel choose the option Template.

Step 2: Now you need to do the changes in your blog template (code).  Now Backup your template before doing changes in your template. 

Step 3: Now in the Template click and EDIT HTML to edit the code and add the facebook comment box in the template.

Step 4: find the code "<html" in your template and you'll find it in the top of the code. copy the below code and paste after the <html in the code. 
Add a space before and after the code as per the code given below:
<html xmlns:fb='' 
xmlns:data='' xmlns:expr='' > 
Step 5: Now find the code </head> (end of head section) in the blogger template using CTRL+F. 
Step 6:  Now place the following set of code above the </head> part in the template.
<meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' property='og:title'/> 
<meta expr:content='data:blog.url' property='og:url'/> 
<meta content='Your Facebook Application ID ' property='app_id'/> 
<meta content='Techiezap' property='og:site_name'/> 
<meta content='' property='fb:admins'/> 
<meta content='article' property='og:type'/>


  • Note down your Facebook App_ID from your Facebook Application and enter in the place of Your Facebook Application ID.
  • Replace your Facebook page URL in the place of
  • Now enter your Blog name/title in the place of Techiezap.
Step 6: Now find the HTML code <body> in your blogger template using CTRL+F in the template window.
Step 7: Now copy and paste the following code (given below ) after the <body> in the HTML template.
<!-- Facebook Script -->
  window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
      appId      : &#Your Facebook Application ID&#39;,
      xfbml      : true,
      version    : &#39;v2.3&#39;
  (function(d, s, id){
     var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
     if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
     js = d.createElement(s); = id;
     js.src = &quot;//;;
     fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
   }(document, &#39;script&#39;, &#39;facebook-jssdk&#39;));
<!-- Facebook Script -->

  • Replace your Facebook application id in the place of Your Facebook Application ID.
  • Paste the code after the body after replacing the facebook application id.

 Step 8: Now you had done with placing the Facebook script and the meta content for facebooks like Facebook_ID, FB:Admins, Title of your blog, Images, URL, and Articles.Now you need to add the facebook comment box in the blogger template code.
<!--Fb Comment Box -->
<div class='fb-comments' data-colorscheme='light' data-href= '' data-numposts='5' data-width='640'/>
<!--Fb Comment Box -->

  • Replace the URL with your Website URL mentioned in the Facebook Application Details.
  • You can change the Color Scheme as Light/Dark according to the blog template. If you want the Dark color for your comment box set the data-colorscheme='dark' else data-colorscheme='light'
  • Now you can limit the number of comments visible in your facebook comment box on blog by the following code data-numposts='Number of Comments Need to Visible'
    Ex: data-numposts='5'
  • You can increase the width of your comment box in the template using the following code data-width='Mention the Size of the Comment Box'
    Ex: data-width='640'

Facebook light comment Box

fb light comment box

Facebook Dark Comment Box 

FB App dark comment box

By adding the following code your in the template. The comment box will be visible in every page of the blog. So for hiding or limiting it to specific pages we need to add a slice of code more to the above code.

Visibility of Facebook Comment Box in Blog Post Pages

By using the following set of code, we can limit the comment box only in Blog Posts pages.
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div class='fb-comments' data-colorscheme='light' data-href= '' data-numposts='5' data-width='640'/>

Now by placing this code the template footer. The Facebook Comment Box the Facebook Widget will only appear in the Posts Pages and it will not appear in other pages. You can limit your audience comments only in the Blog Posts pages.

Visibility of Facebook Comments Box in Static Pages

By using the following set of code in the comment box code, you can limit the comments box in  the static pages only.
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == static_page'>
<div class='fb-comments' data-colorscheme='light' data-href= '' data-numposts='5' data-width='640'/>


Hide your Facebook Comments Box in Home Page

We can Hide the comment box in all the blog pages except the home page by using the following set of code. 
<b:if cond='data:blog.url != data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<div class='fb-comments' data-colorscheme='light' data-href= '' data-numposts='5' data-width='640'/>


  • We Require the Facebook comment box only in the blog posts pages and the stationary or the static pages in the blogger blog. So by the above method, you can do it and also different visibility options are placed above. 
  • You can place the code <center> before the code and </center> after the code. So that the comment box will appear in the center of the blog.
  • You can add the comment above the comment box like "Spread your Opinion" or "Share your Opinion" or "Share your Comments" etc. Now place the code before the facebook comment box code.
<b> Spread your Opinion</b>  
<b> Share your Opinion</b>  
<b>Share your Comments</b>
After doing all these modifications as per your wish. Save Template and check your Web Page.

How to Receive Notifications to your Facebook 

Up to now we have done with most of the part and now we need to enable notifications of the facebook comments to our facebook profile. here you can get the facebook comment and give replies to the audience and also receive all the notifications and be updated to all the comments.

  • Open the Web Page to Facebook Application ID.
  • Replace your Facebook Application ID in the place of Your Facebook Application ID.
facebook app comments

Now click on settings link and you will get a popup to do changes in that  you can set the moderators, Blacklisted words, Sort comments by and Moderation setting sin the popup box. That's it you're done. Now you will receive the notifications in your application comments.

fb app notification settings

Final Words

This tutorial includes three steps creating a facebook application, adding comment box code to blogger and enabling notifications in facebook applications. By completing the following three steps, your facebook comment box will appear on the blog post and this comment box will help to increase. This will increase the reach of your website in the social network facebook and also improve your page ranks. This Tutorial had totally explained How to add Facebook Comment Box in Blogger Blog

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Top 50 High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Websites 2015

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Here i am going to present the list of Top High Page Rank Social Bookmarking websites of 2015. Which aid you to share your social content material on these websites and give a boost to your Rank on Alexa.  It also helps to appear your website on Google first page and also reach out your posts to the Target audience. By using this High PR Social Book Marking Site List you can grow your website Ranking. These are also Free Bookmarking Websites Many folks aren't aware of social bookmarking website. So to begin with i would like to explain in element of a bookmarking site.

Top 50 High PR Backlinks

Top 12 Ways to Improve Alexa Rank of your Blog

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Alexa is a organization which crawls your data and analyzes your Page Rank. Alexa uses its own tools to analyzes the rank of your Site. Alexa Measures the Traffic statistics using various factors like Top Keywords of your site, Backlinks, Audience Demographics etc. This is how Alexa Rank Works. If you want to Increase your Alexa Ranking here are some best ways.

Steps to Increase your Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank Widget on your Blog

Install the Alexa Rank Widget  on your Blog and it will directly calculates the Internal Links, Anchor Texts, Meta Tags etc directly from the Blog. This will also improve your Page Rank on Alexa and gives Free traffic to your site and Results in the Improvement of Blog Traffic. 

Alexa Rank Widget

Alexa Toolbar 

Install the Alexa Toolbar in your web browser. where it will count every Page view of your site and also displays the page rank and some information of the site like sites linked in etc. 

Alexa Toolbar


The Number of Backlinks for your site plays a major role for Alexa Ranking and also calculates the number of Quality Backlinks to your blog and also the Internal and external links. By the improvement of following elements you can Increase Traffic to your site and also Alexa Rank Improvement. 


Not only the backlinks and meta tags, the reviews form the users also plays a predominant role in alexa rank. The alexa algorithm counts the users reviews on your blog. Tell your users to give a Review on your site in Alexa. So you will get a huge benefit in Improvement of Page Rank.

Alexa Reviews

Quality Content

The Content on your website is very important because content is the main tool for traffic. the visitors visit you blog for reading the content only. Content is King. So, write the quality content which helps to increase the traffic and simultaneously the Alexa too. 

Quality Content

Post Content Regularly 

We need to post the content on our site regularly time to time. you need post at least 1 article per day. Schedule the posts so that you can deliver the content easily everyday. By posting content everyday the users will visit your site again and again and it also shows that site is active to the search engines. 

Schedule Posts

Share your Content

Writing the content is not enough you need to share it in the Social Networking websites and that impacts in the improvement of visitors in the site and get a huge traffic. Also Bookmarks your Blog posts on all the Social Book Marking Websites and use the Social Media to improve the Alexa Ranking.

Share your Content

Upgrade your Images

Images will get a good range of traffic from the Image Search on the search engines from Goolge, Bing etc. And also the Caption of the Images and the ALT tag of the images will link to the search engine and use the small images and maintain the quality of the image too and keep a relevant name to the images shilw uploading. These factors will help you in indexing the site in Image search.

Submit your site to Search Engines

There are three major search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo have a huge range of visitors. So by submitting your site to those search engines will help you in indexing the site in there search. Submit your site on Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines

Submit your site to Search Engines

RSS Feed

The Feed will allow the visitors to subscribe your blog and get regular updates from your site to the E-Mail. Get one feeding widget on your site to increase the subscribers and the traffic on your site.  

Create Social Media Pages

In this Era, Social Media plays a major role in the internet promotion. So create a Page with your site name and include the site link in the Pages. That will index in the search engine about your blog. These pages will represent the website. In this way you can improve the brand image of your website and Alexa Rank.

Social Media Pages


Use the quality keywords on your site that will index your blog on search engines. Use the Keyword Tools like Google Keywords Tools etc to find the best keyword ideas for your Blog. Us the keyword in your URL that will also help in improvement of Alexa.


Final Words

These are the best ways to increase your Blog Rank in short period of time. This is How to Improve your Alexa Ranking. Use this simple tips to grow your Page. These are the Top 12 ways to Increase the Alexa

How to Create a Sitemap Page in Blogger Blog

Sitemap is a webpage which consists of all the Blog Posts Titles in a well manner and this will be categorized according to Labels. By adding this page to our Blog you can see all the posts at a single place and also provide the list of your articles to your Audience. This will help to easy searching and also search Label/Category wise. You can Make this HTML Sitemap very Easily by Following these steps. Have a look of our sitemap by clicking here.

How to create sitemap in Blogger Blog ?

These are the following steps how to to create a sitemap page in Blogger Blog and helps your audience to view all your articles at a single place according to category.

Step by Step Procedure to create a Sitemap in Blogger

Step 1: Open Blogger Dashboard and Create a New Page.

Step 2: Now Click on Edit HTML,which is below the Title.

Step 3: Now Paste the following Code in the EDIT HTML by replacing the code in the following positions given below.

<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
p.labels a{color: #242424; text-transform: uppercase;font-size: 15px;} {color: #0000FF;}
ol li{list-style-type:decimal;line-height:25px;}
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<script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=techiezapsitemap"></script>
Step 4: Now Replace with your domain name.

Step 5: Disable the comments in the post settings->Options.

Step 6: Now Publish the sitemap page in your blog.

Note: Rather than the Domain Name you need not change any other code in the coding. 

Congrats !! Now you're done Sucessfully ..  Open the Sitemap Page and keep Sharing.

Final Words

By Creating the sitemap page you can get more audience and also display all your articles at a single instance and this will increase your page rank and by this your blog will become seo friendly. Also add the following page in the navigation menu and also in the footer. This Tutorial will be helpful in How to Create a Sitemap Page in Blogger Blog

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